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An ideal maker of Scaffolding and Scaffolding Accessories like Cup Lock, Steel Coupler, etc.
About Us

There are variety of works which are considered dangerous and in these works comes construction, improvement and cleaning of sky touching buildings. The main reason for why these jobs are considered as dangerous is because these involve workers to reach at a height which is sky touching. But reducing risks is metal and alloy made scaffolding because it is robust and excellent in strength to hold heavy weight at a time and make workers reach at their work destination safely. Seeing the rising need of quality based scaffolding in construction, cleaning and painting fields, Mr. Sanjay Gupta formed Evershine Enterprises in 2017, which works as a manufacturer and supplier of scaffolding and its accessories. In our collection comes MS Scaffolding, Industrial Scaffolding Coupler, Cup Lock, Steel Coupler and Scaffolding Accessories. All these above said items are fabricated in basic dimensions so that these can be used by many companies. But those companies which want a custom-made scaffolding and its accessories for their construction project are most welcome to interact with us over e-mail or phone.

Reasons Behind Our Instant Recognition

There is no denying in the fact that only those newly formed companies get instant recognition which have extra attributes, measured or calculated by the quality of products they produce, services they render, policies they make and deals they conduct. Also, companies having any of the aforesaid factors are also regarded as customer satisfying companies. At Evershine Enterprises, we have gained instant recognition in this competitive field because we have not one but many attributes. We are appreciated for being quality best and durable Cup lock and MS Scaffolding manufacturer, for rendering timely delivery service, for following customer benefiting policies and much more. All these aforesaid are reasons which have contributed in capturing customers attention.

Our Strengths
  • Our Employees- Our 16 knowledgeable, skilled and experienced employees are making the company reach heights. Their dedication, will power and self-motivated attitude are bringing good fortune to company and satisfaction to customers.
  • Our Production Setup- Our large production setup which is made in a modern way is located in Sonipat (Haryana). Alloy and metal molding, cutting and welding machines as well as shaping dies, all complete our production setup and aid us produce Cup lock and MS Scaffolding in time.
  • Our Storing Space- Storing bulk locks and pieces of scaffolding is not a problem for our company because we have a very spacious storage unit. Warehousing team well handles this space and keeps a record of items brought in and sent out.
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